Aroha Dolby

Preparing to Video


15 Sept Videoed.  Feeling a bit stressed but did a good job

The Two of Us

25 Aug 2021 – Has mastered guitar part without looking at chords,  A couple of chords in verse need looking at.  Played ukulele today.  Lighter to carry.  Also dynamics in chorus,  3 phrases repeat so bigger each time.


Drivers Licence

15 Sept – Sung sweetly, piano smooth.  Previous time looked at Playing piano with more dynamics.  Bigger breaths before singing the loud passages.  Piano much smoother. Ran end of session today and Aroha stressed from school so didn’t look at dynamics.


Little Things.  In an attempt to get to learning how to belt worked on anchoring.  This involved stamping and running on the spot which worked better.  The voice got fuller which was the desired result.  Need to apply this fullness to all singing.


I Know I’m not the only one – Sam Smith (unaccompanied)

I Dunno You Yet

Stay With Me – Sam Smith

July – with ukulele