Robyn Semmens

For concert O Sole Mio, Chipinadas, The Entertainer


Got Those Blues 11/11/21 Old one that’s been brought back Good to bring it back.

Amazing Grace 2/12/21 – Trust time.  Perhaps just get the first 2 lines rhythm very accurate before moving on

Ode Joy – 9/12/21 last bar 1st line and check notes last bar 2nd line.  Both have dodgy rhythm.  Rest of the piece is great.

Fur Elise 15/7/21 quavers need to even.  Continued on like a soldier.  

Very good!

Venetian Gondola Song 27/5/21

The Fairies’ Harp – 11/11/21 – Coming on well

Let it Be Me 28/10/21 With peddle.  Rhythm not sure but the piece is starting to come together. It has a full feel.  Observe wrong note end of 2nd line.

Over the Rainbow 16/9/21 Played first part of it.  No problems with it just needs playing in.

Bye Bye Blackbird – 15/7/21 – IMPACT CONERT

Preparing to Video

Kumbaya 9/12/21 Do not rush semi-breve.

Krakowiak 9/12/21  Going well today. First time seemed very fast. Practice section leading into last line of first page.  That section is not the same speed as the rest of the piece.

Hungarian Rhapsody 09/12/21.  Careful with rhythm at the beginning.  Observe staccato first bar 2nd to last line.

Preparing to perform

Standing in the a Prayer 09/12/21 Good  Videoed today.

Swans on the Lake 11/11/21 One tiny slip that could hardly be noticed.  All good.  Just keep practicing to keep it fluid.

Ready to Perform

Chipinadas 9/12/21 Good

The Entertainer 09/12/21 Very strong again today. 

Nocturne 09/12/21 All Good.

O Sole Mio 09/12/21 – Very good.  For concert 15/12

Impact Preparation

Scarborough Fair (Performed 2021 Concerts 1 & 2) 2/12/21 Very strong!!!!  Beautiful.

Greensleeves (performed 2021 at Concerts 1 & 2 – 9/12/21 Perfect

Go Down Moses – 9/12/21 Really Good

Raisons and Almonds (Performed 2021 Concert 2) 9/12/21.  Watch 2nd and 3rd bar for rhythm and 1st two bars 2nd page.

Bye Bye Blackbird 18/11/21 Tried 2 hands melody and chords.

Hallelujah – 11/11/21 played chords in time with Louise at other piano.  Practice chord with a stamp in between


Blow the Man Down 9/12/21

ROBYN – Raisons and Almonds (2021 – Concert 2)

ROBYN – Scarborough Fair (2021 – Concert 2)

ROBYN – Greensleeves (2021 – Concert 2)

ROBYN – Chipinadas (2021)

ROBYN – Greensleeves (2021 – Concert 1)

ROBYN – Go Down Moses (2021)

ROBYN – Raisons and Almonds (2021)

ROBYN – The Entertainer (2021)

ROBYN – Silent Night (2020)

ROBYN – Got Those Blues AND Can Can (2020)

ROBYN – On Top of Old Smokey (2020)

ROBYN – Greensleeves (2020)

ROBYN – Scarborough Fair (2020)

ROBYN – Scarborough Fair (2019)

ROBYN – Fur Elise (2019)

ROBYN – Greensleeves (2019)

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Robyn (2019)