Singing has been a big part of my life and whilst I always knew that I would sing, I also knew that I would teach.  I didn’t know what form this would take though and would never have predicted that adults at a beginner level would be the primary focus of my studio.  I didn’t seek this out, it sort of found me and what a great gift it has been!  Every singer who has passed through my studio either for a few weeks or for a long time has made a life-long impression.  They are all wonderful!  Yes I believe that everybody can sing.  What a pity that so many of us have to learn how when we could all sing as children!  Perhaps this is why such powerful voices emerge when they have been silent for so long.  It is a privilege to be able to facilitate this process with so many different kinds of singers.


It is wonderful to have the experience of ‘singing from the heart’ however it is imperative at the end of it that singers have enough body awareness to support this along with their breathing.  Voice training is an extremely sensitive process.  There are many joyous times along with some occasions that can feel very challenging.


I have worked with all sorts of singers ranging from professional, opera, pop, newcomers, advanced, young, mature.  Some have been timid, some easy going, some healthy and some physically handicapped.  There are times when the singers sound great and times when they don’t sound so great.  It is all as it should be.  A singer is not able to advance by sounding good all the time.  A willingness to be an ordinary singer for a while is a vital step toward becoming a great singer.  Mistakes are essential!


Whether singers choose to learn privately or in a group is an individual choice.  Whatever the format, every singer’s individual development is the priority of my studio.  Anybody can learn to sing. It is of no concern to me how a singer arrives.  It is how they leave that is important.  It is my commitment to honour every singer sometimes with gentleness and sometimes with a firm challenge.  They are all wonderful.  My studio is a happy place because I love what I do.