There are three ‘Seminars in Singing’ courses.  Each one presents different elements of vocal technique, musicality and artistry.  All courses have a degree of flexibility depending on  the interest of the students. There is always time for questions and trying things out.  Singing songs are an important part of each course.



Voice Tricks

Next Course August/September 2024. Dates TBA



Sessions include:

  1. Getting to Know Your Voice
  2. Anchoring Your Voice
  3. Carrying Your Instrument
  4. Vocal Resonance
  5. Pitch and Range



Sessions include:

  1. Understanding Musicality
  2. Supporting Your Singing
  3. Addressing Constriction
  4. Vocal Positioning
  5. Tuning and Harmony

sing out


Sessions include:

  1. What makes singing authentic?
  2. Breathing for Singers
  3. The Open Throat
  4. Tone Colour
  5. Different sorts of vocal expression